About KRaP Art

About KRaP Art

Art by James Hicks

I want to show the world that there is beauty in everything if you look hard enough.

KRaP Art, Kimberly’s Recycled Art Projects. I am a recycle artist. I create art in many forms. I paint on doors, scrap wood, furniture and anything else that is a paint-able surface. I create sculptures from recycled and up-cycled items. I create jewelry from bicycle parts, bottlecaps, scrap stained and fused glass I teach workshops that show folks how to use everyday objects to make beautiful and functional art. I am an advocate for the arts in all forms. I believe that art is the physical expression of a persons soul.

Art is a crucial part of development in children and adults alike.

Studies show that children test better when art is a part of their curriculum and there is a higher percentage of high school graduates when art is included in the learning process. Art heals people of all ages through color and the freedom of expression.

This creates better communities.

I  feel that public art is a necessary part of community. It opens peoples minds, brings communities together, all while beautifying the world. Public art creates space for open discussion, bringing a variety of thoughts and perspectives to the surface that may otherwise not be shared. Public art brings people from other locations and cultures thereby improving the local economy at many levels, through travel and bringing consumers to local businesses. The list of benefits created by public art is endless.

About Kimberly Wyant

About KRaP Art

Kimberly Wyant Begins

I am originally from California where I worked in the film and television industry. I worked on everything from music videos to commercials, features films and television shows. I was the department head of special effects costuming on Beetleborgs, a Fox Kids Network show in the 90’s as well as an assistant in props and the effects costuming department on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I  came to Florida in 1998 to work as a concrete sculptor and scenic artist on the building of Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure. I sculpted parts of and painted all of (with 3 others) the Popeye water ride, installed all the hidden speaker screens as well as painted portions of several other rides and common areas in Toon Town. This led to many other artistic ventures in places such as Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas, Lowes Portofino Hotel in Orlando, Building and painting Mardi Gras floats at Mardis Gras World in New Orleans, creating artistic finishes for Disney’s Fort Wilderness Hotel and many other places in between.

Eventually I took a break from my industry and began working with my then husband, learning his industry in underground utilities. I worked on pipe crews doing everything from being a laborer pushing a shovel, to raking dirt, to laying pipe, to learning the basics of operating heavy equipment. We traveled doing this for many years. Soon I got pregnant with our son and moved into the office as field manager and began doing mural work again for friends, daycare centers and other local businesses. I began up-cycling furniture into home decor and other types of functional art when we purchased a home. I furnished almost the entire house from found and up-cycled objects which led to an interview on News Channel 8 for a piece on up-cycling by Gayle Guyardo.

KRaP Begins

While on a job in Texas a small booth was purchased at a monthly art market in Wimberly, just outside of San Antonio where I sold my hand-painted furniture and art. This is where KRaP art was born; Kimberly’s Recycled Art Projects. Upon returning to Florida, I began participating as a vendor at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Curb Marke which I continued to do for several years. Since then, I have had my art in a several local galleries, participated in a few Platform Art shows and projects and presented at Pecha Kucha . One of the projects was a participatory event in which I had the city employees and commissioners color and paint clay birds, butterflies and flowers and write their names on torn pieces of brown paper bag. I then incorporated these pieces into a mixed media art piece which now hangs in City Hall. I have had three galleries with working studios of my own where I provided space for other local artists to sell, show and teach alongside me. I’ve had a store in a mall in Orlando, done murals for local businesses and provided a large portion of the artistic wall finishes at the newly opened Posto 9 Gastropub in downtown Lakeland. I continue to provide murals and artistic finishes in residential and business locations.

After the somewhat emotional shut down of my last location, I decided it was time to start the KRaP Art Foundation, a non-profit that will bring art to those who would otherwise not have an opportunity to participate in this wonderful aspect of life. My goal is to create a community where we can teach and learn about art and other life skills through sustainable practices, where all art and all walks of life are accepted without judgement, to create space and provide the tools for people of all ages to explore art in whatever form feels right to them, to give a place of comfort and healing to those who mayn’t have another place that provides this and to bring art supplies to communities and people who don’t have access to these supplies or the ability to come to us. I believe all expressions of art are art. No exceptions.

My creations can currently be found in Django and Friends Dixieland Emporium, and in several online locations. My jewelry can be purchased in my Etsy store and can be located by simply clicking the SHOP section here on my website. You may also find my jewelry at kuttlefish.com, a recycle site for sharing sustainable ideas and selling. To find me, just search KRaP Art once you are on the Kuttlefish page. And finally, you can purchase my art in the form of clothing and home decor at VIDA.com by once again just searching KRaP Art once you are on the VIDA page.